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Chroma-Q® Space Force™

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The Chroma-Q® Space Force™ LED fixture - the next frontier in space lighting. The Space Force™ is a cutting-edge variable white LED Space Light that is a modern replacement for conventional space lights or soft light sources commonly used in film and TV studios around the world. The Space Force™ benefits from cool running, energy efficiency, lightweight design, and minimum maintenance. CCT tuneable between 2,800K and 6,000K, and natively single source, the diffuse nature of its output negates the need for silks or skirts. Extensive RDM functionality is provided through wired, or the optional LumenRadio CRMX, connections.

Hanging options include a standard bridle, optional yoke, and a low-profile hanging bracket.

Key Features

  • Comparable to a traditional 6kW fixture

  • Up to 26,700 lumens

  • Variable white – 2,800K to 6,000K

  • Only 8kg / 17.6lb

  • No fans, no noise

  • Smooth, soft uniform beam

  • Variable PWM flicker-free operation

  • Multiple hanging options

  • Wireless DMX / RDM

  • Superior unit-to-unit consistency

  • Chroma-Q's proven LED performance