MG2400Bi KNOWLED Bi-color LED Light

MG2400Bi KNOWLED Bi-color LED Light

MG2400Bi KNOWLED Bi-color LED Light

MG2400Bi KNOWLED Bi-color LED Light


-2600W Full Output Across All CCT

Building upon the power-packed performance of MG1200Bi, the MG2400Bi introduces significant enhancements. With an impressive 2900W input power and cutting-edge COB technology, it achieves an astounding stable output of 2600W across all color temperatures.

-Breaking Boundaries, Illuminating More Scenes

Thanks to the advanced technology, the MG2400Bi matches traditional 4K PAR and 6K Fresnel lights when paired with meticulously engineered optical accessories, even at distances exceeding 10 meters. It also significantly reduces power requirements in the same scene.

-Evenly Blending Results

The MG2400Bi boasts class-leading blending technology, guaranteeing impeccable results. It delivers consistent and natural lighting, showcasing intricate and rich details of light and shadow. Through the use of advanced optical technology, it effectively manages heat buildup, reducing LED temperatures for enhanced color accuracy and an extended lifespan.

-KNOWLED Cinematic Ecosystem

The KNOWLED system maintains high-quality standards and incorporates premium light beads across the entire series. With rigorous calibration and testing, fixtures of various types can seamlessly coexist, ensuring users an efficient and convenient lighting experience.

-Innovative G-Mount

Featuring the innovative G-Mount, the MG2400Bi ensures enhanced safety for high-power fixtures. With scientifically crafted cooling vents, and high-quality materials resistant to high temperatures, G-Mount accessories guarantee safety all the time. And these accessories seamlessly adapt to both MG1200Bi and all upcoming Godox G-Mount fixtures.

-Superior Heat Dissipation

The MG2400Bi is equipped with an efficient and stable air-cooling system, ensuring exceptional airflow and pressure efficiency even in extreme conditions, whether it’s 5000 meters above sea level or chilling temperatures as low as -30°C. The detachable fan design simplifies maintenance, providing a hassle-free experience.

-Flicker-Free Performance

With its extraordinary power, the MG2400Bi provides ample brightness for high-speed shooting. Even in high-frame-rate shooting scenarios, it can achieve flicker-free performance, ensuring the quality of the captured footage.

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