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Lighting systems

Proper lighting has the potential to focus attention, to create atmosphere, to support and facilitate the basic working processes.  A work station, with its monitors and display terminals whether is a TV production, post production or OB, demands well designed lighting.  Lighting that illuminates the working area and clearly shows what needs to be seen while avoiding obtrusive glare and disturbing reflections in the monitor screens.

Direct spot lighting contributes to tiredness, eye-strain and declining efficiency. The heat and power consumption are factors often overlooked. Maintenance is important.  Lighting components should be easily accessed without the need of tools.

PTS control lights  have been designed to meet all these requirements.  Lighting conditions can be matched to the of each individual site by individually  adjusting the optimum combination of beam angle and width by means of shutters.  In fact, these luminaires cut off the light so precisely that, when viewed from outside the beam angle, actually appear dark to the viewer.  Available in 650mm and 1250mm.  Fitted with electronic starter for longer tube life and instant start and wide spectrum 6500K tube.  Electrostatically black painted.

Designed for fast, simple installation as well as easy readjustment of Lightning area. Aesthetic durable construction.

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