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ControlCenter-Compact – compact KVM matrix system

KVM and PCoIP systems

A KVM matrix system of the ControlCenter-Compact series consists of at least one central module, one console module and one computer module. The central module of the ControlCenter-Compact series is the central component of the KVM matrix system. Both console and computer modules are connected to the matrix.  With the ControlCenter-Compact users are able to access multiple computers over multiple user consoles simultaneously.  The KVM matrix system enables a console module to be connected to a computer module. The video image of the computer connected to the computer module is displayed on the console monitor. Use the keyboard and mouse of the console to operate the connected computers. The ControlCenter-Compact is available in CAT, fiber and mixed versions. This ensures that you can always use the right KVM matrix system for your application. The ControlCenter-Compact is available in eight expansion stages between 8 and 176 dynamic ports and is fully compatible with the end components for computer and console connections. These also include the DP1.2 vision systems which enable the latency-free signal transmission of 4K video at a full 60 Hz refresh rate through the matrix.

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