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Emerald® Unified 4K KVM-over-IP

KVM and PCoIP systems

Emerald® Unified KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) is an award-winning high-performance, 24/7 extension and matrix switching solution that simplifies remote user access to video and peripheral signals from both physical and virtual servers.

It extends and switches 4K/60Hz DisplayPort 1.2 (Emerald 4K) or HD pixel-perfect DVI video (Emerald PE), transparent USB 2.0, and audio signals via SFP copper or fibre connections across a dedicated IP KVM network, an existing LAN or even the Internet. Multiple redundancy options (network paths, power supply, pooling feature etc.) ensure smooth and safe operation for your critical production and playout infrastructure.

Supported by the award-winning Boxilla® Enterprise KVM Management Platform, you can easily deploy endpoints, monitor bandwidth consumption, configure user acces rights, and set up automated network security alerts. All of this from an intuitive web-based GUI.

Emerald comprises of a choice of HD or 4K transmitters connecting computers or virtual machines to the system and receivers adding the user consoles. High performance Emerald network switches (1/10/100 Gbit/s) with 12/28/32/48 ports ensure trouble-free KVM over IP extension and switching. A range of SFP/SFP+ transceivers proofs best performing video quality and KVM extensions over the required distances.

  • Next generation KVM extension and matrix switching solution simplifies access to both physical and virtual servers.

  • Mix and match remote servers/PCs and users through IP connections to your needs.

  • 4K/60Hz DisplayPort 1.2, HD DVI video, transparent USB 2.0, serial and bi-directional analog audio.

  • USB-powered, small form factor “ZeroU” transmitters available that help saving valuable rack space.

  • Connect users and virtual machines (VMware®, Microsoft® and Citrix®) over RDP, RemoteFX or PCoIP.

  • Also available with dual-head DVI video support (Emerald SE, Emerald PE).

  • Emerald Remote App software receiver: access your Emerald transmitters from any Windows® 10 device without the need for additional hardware receivers



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