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ControlCenter-Digital – modular KVM matrix system

KVM and PCoIP systems

The ControlCenter-Digital is a KVM matrix switch, which helps users operate multiple computers via multiple consoles. With its modular setup, the  ControlCenter-Digital is highly flexible and ready to adapt to any surrounding conditions. The matrix switch enables the remote access of large, distributed IT installations in control rooms and is ready for any future IT requirements.Depending on the chosen variant, the available 288, 160 or 80 dynamic ports can be connected either as computer or as user port. Which type of module is connected is automatically detected by the ControlCenter-Digital. The modular design consists of Controller- and Switchcard, I/O CAT- & I/O Fibre cards, I/O-Card-Multi, I/OCard-Trunk, fan boards and the power supplies. All they are modular and can be replaced. The system can be adapted or extended even during operation. –    The input/output cards (I/O cards) establish a connection between the ControlCenter-Digital and its computer modules and user modules. Each card provides 16 ports, which automatically detect the type of module connected to the matrix switch. The cards run independently from each other – even in mixed mode.-    The ControlCenter-Digital is supplied with power from three redundant power packs. Each of the three power packs is hot-swappable and can be replaced during operation.-    The CCD switch card provides the matrix’s central switching logic. Like all other modular parts of the matrix, the switch card is hot-swappable and can be easily replaced.-    The controller card contains the central processor unit to administrate, monitor and control the system.

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