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ControlCenter-IP – matrix system for KVM-over-IP

KVM and PCoIP systems

The ControlCenter-IP matrix system enables the distributed switching of all connected computer and console modules over IP-based networks and thus provides even more flexibility and scalability for KVM installations. While the network infrastructure takes over the transport of KVM-over-IP™, the ControlCenter-IP contributes the logic. Transmission takes place compressed via CAT cabling or optical fibre. Thanks to the network connection and the option of using standard network components, the application gains even more flexibility. This ensures that the systems are easily expandable and scalable at all times.Offering twice the flexibility of usual systems, the new matrix does not only extend computer signals over IP, but also switches them as an n:m connection. In combination with G&D’s IP extenders, the ControlCenter-IP forms a powerful matrix system.The ControlCenter-IP supports numerous signals thus providing solutions for DVI single- and dual-link, DP1.1 and DP1.2, including real 4K@60 Hz over IP. Even at high resolutions, the system delivers optimal, pixel-perfect and latency-free image quality for the best possible hand-eye coordination. The new matrix for KVM-over-IP™ also impresses with the usual wide range of functions offered by G&D matrix systems. Functionalities such as monitoring and SNMP, the scripting function and scenario switching, the push-get function for optimal collaboration and the control of video walls as well as CrossDisplay-Switching for absolutely intuitive operation at multi-monitor workstations have been integrated into the KVM-over-IP™ matrix.

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