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MOG LED Lighting

Lighting systems

Control your LED intensity and stop spending money buying tungsten lamps every 200 hours of use.

Using MOG central ingest system you can use DMX control to take the maximum benefit from your Fresnel LED technology. Just control the light temperature intensity through your ingest system and save on energy costs.

Available Series:


  • Passive air cooling/no noise issues;

  • Focus between 12º-35º with strapless capacity control;

  • Suited for a studio, interviews, and talk-shows.


  • Perfect shine and color temperature;

  • Passive air cooling and heat dissipation

  • Consistent lighting, without losing shine;

  • Dimming control: KNOB, REMOTE, RADIO, and DMX;

  • Various Power Supply Options.


  • Flexible and waterproof LED projector;

  • Suited for open-air projects in different climate conditions;

  • Modular and portable – panel with only 0,2cm deep and only 140g of weight;

  • High quality diffuser.

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