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BOSS STREAM Viewer is a software-based multiviewer monitoring system for DVB/Digital Video Broadcasting/Asynchronous Serial Interface (DVB/ASI) and IP. It supports Modulator Interface (T2-MI) for Second Generation Digital Terrestrial TV (DVB-T2) for both ASI and IP. The Dimetis BOSS STREAM Viewer can monitor and analyze SDI streams in cable, satellite-terrestrial, compression centers, play-out and transmission centers, DVB, OTT, Web and IPTV headends, network operations centers and IPTV distribution networks.

OTT Streaming - The Dimetis BOSS STREAM Viewer will be able to inspect HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

In the digital video broadcasting and internet worlds, there is a diversity of existing infrastructures for the distribution of DVB, Internet and IPTV. Today’s multiviewer systems must be flexible in the handling of various source formats. The Dimetis BOSS STREAM Viewer can handle DVB conform transport streams over IP and ASI, and SDI uncompressed video in mixed operation in SD and HD.

This scalable system can provide real-time analysis of DVB, content and quality level (blocking and blurring), while decoding and displaying video, audio, teletext and subtitle services. The entire alarming thresholds are configurable and the system is capable of notifying any 3rd party monitoring or management system, such as the Dimetis BOSS BROADCAST ManagerTM, with alerts, problem or quality conditions. Application areas include DVB analysis, content and quality analysis, management of multiple sources, video and audio decoding, teletext decoding and DBV/TXT subtitles. The Dimetis BOSS STREAM Viewer comes “out of the box” and can easily be integrated in broadcaster’s environment as it operates on standard server hardware. With the combination of SDI and DVB signals, BOSS STREAM Viewer is perfect for comparing incoming and outgoing signals on one single screen.