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Stream MultiScreen

Broadcast system control SW and HW

A multiviewer/quality monitoring solution with penalty screen, screen of states, carousel feature and “blind” monitoring for SD/HD-SDI and IP signals

Stream MultiScreen is a software quality monitoring solution. The software can generate a mosaic screen, a screen of states, a penalty screen and non-visual (“blind”) instrumental monitoring capability for analog, SD/HD-SDI and IP sources in any combination. The solution is intended for visual and/or automated quality control and monitoring in Network Operation Centers (NOC), broadcast facilities, Head-ends, content aggregators, TV broadcasters etc… Stream MultiScreen is fully compliant with DVB/MPEG TS ISO 13818-1 streams.

The solution is equipped with a carousel (also called a rotator) feature for monitoring a large set of channels by groups in a round robin manner that can decrease the number of required physical output monitors.

The number of inputs varies and is effectively unlimited. Stream MultiScreen supports feeds from BDA/DirectShow receivers to monitor satellite, cable and terrestrial TV signals. Stream Labs ingest cards may be used to monitor baseband signals coming via SD/HD-SDI, T2-MI and analog interfaces. IP sources are supported including HLS, RTSP, RTMP, MPEG-DASH.

The output mosaic screen can be streamed to a remote PC via HLS. Output is available as HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort. Up to 6 outputs are supported per a server.

The solution supports monitoring and alarming of ETSI TR 101 290 (ETR 290) critical states and QoE degradation such as black screen, still picture, no sound, R.128 parameters etc… Stream MultiScreen can detect user-defined patterns in incoming signals, i.e. “No signal” messages from an IRD/STB.

The solution utilizes Nvidia GPU’s and Intel decoding/filtering capabilities, but built-in software decoding is also possible for small and more cost effective installations reducing hardware requirements.

The layout and design of the mosaic screen, penalty screen and screen of states is customizable through the included MultiScreen Designer/Monitor software package.

Stream Labs offers download demo versions, presentations and training videos through their website.

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