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Helm, allows the design of a control system dedicated to your operators’ requirements; there’s no clutter of unnecessary controls or information and no risk of confusion between channels as you switch from one manufacturer UI to another. There’s no hunting for the right buttons to press. We can help you design and implement Helm control panels, and you’ll have all the tools to modify and extend them as your requirements change.


  • Totally customisable: All the control you need, none that you don’t

  • Smaller footprint: Not all environments have room for multiple hardware panels

  • Lower cost: Helm panels run on entry-level PCs, or even on mobile devices via WebCentre

  • Faster training: Only one system to learn for new operators

  • Enhanced productivity: Simpler interfaces mean operators can work faster and more effectively

  • Extend and replace: You can add or change equipment in the facility without impacting operators.