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TLWH7900 Series

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The new High Efficiency-Wideband TLWH7900 Series represents a step ahead in the technology of high power UHF liquid cooled transmitters. For the first time the Doherty technology becomes Wideband, meaning that it is applicable to the whole UHF band.Therefore, no modifications in the amplifiers are required when the operator needs to change the RF channel.

TLWH7900 Series provides the optimal solution to operators that want to deploy or extend a digital broadcast network with HDTV, DTV and mobile TV channels globally. They offer an outstanding efficiency up to 42%, enabling a high economic benefit to broadcasters.

They are equipped with the most advanced technology in signal processing and the power amplifiers are based on LDMOS transistors – 50 volt. characterized by a high power density.

They feature a power-to-size and performance-to-reliability ratios that allow the signal broadcasting with the highest quality. Its compact and modular design as well as its high energy efficiency facilitate the installation and maintenance, thus significantly reducing the total expenditures over the life of the transmitter for the broadcast operator.