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smartDASH & smartSCOPE

Data-driven analysis and self-healing

Lawo’s System Monitoring And Realtime Telemetry Dashboard (aka smartDASH) is a vendor-agnostic enterprise software suite designed to provide full network and media visibility across an all-IP, all-SDI or hybrid WAN/LAN broadcast infrastructure. Based on a LINUX OS, this software-defined networking solution incorporates a powerful and robust database to document and rapidly search any aspect of the operation—from a simple cable ID number to seeking the journey of a multicast across a transnational multi-hop WAN.

By leveraging a vast library of software communication protocols, the smartDASH automatically interrogates live and dormant path connections to create the most intuitive and data rich presentation layers of a COTS-hybrid infrastructure, deriving media network data and documenting the network and supporting infrastructure. With its award-winning network micro-services, smartDASH supports a wide range of network protocols to build up rich graphic representations of the network infrastructure. These automated processes dynamically document the interconnected network design in real-time. SmartDASH users have a zero-footprint installation: SMART can be deployed on-prem, in a private or public cloud, and is accessible from a browser and/or mobile device.

smartDASH supports monitoring and decoding for media formats from low-bit-rate OTT/ABR streams to uncompressed ST2110 studio production flows, in addition to characterizing packet pacing off the delivery network. Unifying network telemetry and mixed media flow brings deep operational visibility into a single glass view. smartDASH even tracks device inventory spares and accounts for CAPEX and OPEX KPIs to manage cost of ownership.

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