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Virtualization Stack (V-Stack)

Network management, monitoring and orchestration

V-Stack is the next-generation cloud management software developed by Aperi for managing the A1105 platform. V-Stack offers powerful tools to manage your chassis, SDMP microservers, and all of your apps.

As a single point of view for chassis management, V-Stack manages all of the microservers, Aperi Apps logistics, and provides dynamic information about the operation of a chassis. With V-Stack, Aperi SDMP microservers are automatically configured for use and kept track of within the software. Aperi Apps can be easily imported via V-Stack from the Aperi App Store, and then launched directly to installed microservers with just a few clicks.

V-Stack also offers an intuitive web-based user interface that adheres to standard design principles, along with a documented REST API for developers to automate their chassis management.

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