Absolute - IABM Single BaM Product

Absolute - IABM Single BaM Product




Database Catalogue

ABSolute BMS stores a single database of programmes, commercial and promotional materials in an easy interface for day-to-day scheduling.

Clever category-based classification of programmes makes scheduling and library navigation easy. ABSolute supports manual and bulk data entry for all databases with smart search functionality to speed up data access.


  • Database migration supported from existing software

  • Incorporates linear and VOD metadata in a single database

  • Import, export and transfer metadata between channels

  • Rights Management

    Take your rights management to the next level by having a full overview of your content rights for linear broadcast, streaming and VOD in one system.

    Keep track of the number of utilised runs and allow ABSolute BMS to smart schedule your channel. Preventative scheduling ensures you cannot schedule content without valid rights for the platform, dates or times.


    • Rights management for original and repeat airings for movies, series and songs

    • VOD rights management, automated content publishing and removal from the platform

    • Report generation for content lifespan and amortisation

    • Channel Media Planning

      Build your linear schedules on a macro or micro level – monthly, weekly or daily planning allows you to see the wider picture and adjust the fine details.

      A one-time set-up of your scheduling rules – including repeat patterns and slot types – gives ABSolute the tools it needs to generate a schedule. Our focused automation takes care of the cumbersome tasks, leaving you to focus on the important things.


      • Navigate between planning views with ease

      • Automate scheduling based on your bespoke rules, locking in your primetime events

      • Placeholder scheduling allows you to work ahead at all times – even when content is not yet available


      Import and export your schedules for a variety of linear and online platforms with automated series linking to ensure your viewers never miss an episode.

      ABSolute compiles your series and episodic data to export to any platform from one schedule. Platform-specific checks enable you to upload all schedules with confidence. Link relevant imagery to enhance the viewer experience and adjust your schedule down to the minute.


      • More than 30 existing EPG exports available to be instantly enabled

      • Automated export and delivery of EPG files via email and FTP

      • Multi-language input and export options available

      • Time shift across regions, time zones and delay channels

      Playlist Building

      ABSolute’s Playlist Template gives full control over your media rotation – enter the rules once and ABSolute will build the playlist in a flash.

      Choose from more than 15 elements to navigate your playlist’s structure – idents, promos and stings are just a small selection of the elements on offer. Amend the feel of your channel whenever you like – our playlist manager puts you in control.


      • Fully automate playlist building at the touch of a button

      • ABSolute Playlist Editor accounts for CRO duration, allowing playlist editing before the spot file is available

      • Distribute your playlist automatically to your MCR with email integration – ABSolute exports all major formats

      Sales Campaigns

      Manage and maximise commercial ad sales through our Sales Campaign manager. Build breaks, export break patterns and run CROs for seamless commercial insertion.

      ABSolute allows flexibility in your commercial timings, helping strike a balance between commercial and promotional material. Integrated with all the major sales houses for easy access.


      • Flexible rules-based break pattern generation

      • Export break files for delivery directly to your sales house

      • AsRun reconciliation and delivery in one click

      Music Jukebox

      The ABSolute Jukebox is a lifesaver for music channels. Our proprietary algorithm curates a playlist from your library based on the scheduled music mix.

      Whether you want to schedule songs based on artist, decade or anything else, the ABSolute Jukebox makes it simple. Tag songs and mixes, and let the Jukebox build your playlist with the most relevant songs from the back catalogue.



      • Unlimited creation of rules for your Jukebox

      • Integration with Rights Module for monitoring usage and reporting

      • Set rules for festive seasons, special days or unique hours with macro and micro level inputs

      Graphics Scheduling

      Dynamic Graphics can be updated on air in seconds with ABSolute’s Graphics Module. Static, animated and DVE graphics are just a few of the services we offer.

      Curate the on-air feel of your channel with ease and confidence with our integrated graphics automation. ABSolute BMS’s unique partnership with Air Pro playout enables streamlined graphics changes to keep the channel fresh and controlled.


      • Multiple graphics packages on offer – mix and match to suit your style

      • Dynamic updates performed instantly on air

      • DVEs, NNLs and Song Pop-Ups populate automatically from the BMS

      • No graphics limitations – if you can imagine it, we can deliver it

      Development & Support

      Our dedicated operations team are here for you.

      ABS Broadcast is built on ABSolute – we depend on it, and we know you will, too. That’s why key product developments and updates are rolled out across the board as soon as they are available. Our support team are always available to provide training or advice.


      • Office hours and emergency support available

      • Regular developments and update releases

      • Our ever-expanding portfolio of features is shared among customers




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