WHATS’ON Rights Management

WHATS’ON Rights Management

WHATS’ON Rights Management

WHATS’ON Rights Management


WHATS’ON Rights Management is the most comprehensive tool to govern the whole lifecycle of your content as it goes through different stages, e.g.  from acquisition to premium VOD service to linear schedules, AVOD, Pay TV, Free TV, catch up and so on, including selling rights.

WHATS’ON Rights Management

  • allows central rights management over multiple stations, channels, VoD platforms and streaming services

  • manages and verifies complex linear and nonlinear license rights

  • monitors consistency between license contract definitions, business rules and the schedules

  • manages multicurrency costs, amortizations and payment schedules

  • communicates seamlessly with your financial system

  • generates the reports you need in the format you want

WHATS’ON Rights Management also comprises the cloud-native web app for selling right. It cuts though the complexity and pitfalls of selling content rights, eliminates time consuming chores, and leaves more time to optimize this key revenue stream. Connected to the desktop WHATS’ON the web app supports the whole process of selling and licensing content to third parties for specific countries, markets or platforms: identifying sales opportunities, clearing the rights, planning sales,  orchestrating and following up tasks, drawing up deals and managing revenue distribution.

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