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Content Rights & Royalty Management System. An enterprise solution that empowers media organizations to manage Content, IP, Licensing etc. Experience complete visibility from Acquisition to Syndication across complex multi-layered combinations of platforms, territories, period, hold-backs, languages etc. Enhancing revenue opportunities by providing actionable insights to the right people at the right time.

RightsU empowers media organizations to manage content at every stage of its life cycle. From acquisition to syndication, business gets complete flexibility with simplicity and convenience in managing their content across multiple platforms, territories, hold-backs and languages with intelligent reporting.

RightsU Advantages

·       Manages both traditional as well as new media rights

·       Manages multiple interwoven rights variables across platforms, territories, hold-backs, languages

·       Supports multiple currencies

·       Gives a comprehensive picture of costs by allowing you to link all primary and secondary Contracts (talents, formats, music)

·       Allows custom defined amortization rules (utilization, time-based and combinations of the two)

·       Flexible Recoupment rules for Royalty

Key Clientele

·       Sony Pictures Network - Partnership Since 2011

·       Viacom18 Networks - Partnership Since 2014

·       Reliance ADAG - Partnership Since 2008