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Maximize the value of your assets & rights

Whether your own IP, or purchased rights, you need to make sure you exploit them to the full potential and maximize your ROI. Our applications for rights management and scheduling help you to do exactly that, ensuring you get the optimum utilization of rights by automating scheduling across platforms and orchestrating rules-driven rights workflows.

Avatega is an efficient  and highly integrated management system for linear and non-linear contractual rights, intellectual properties, and content schedules.

  • For users looking to maximize revenues from purchased rights and intellectual properties across traditional and all new media outlets, Avatega provides a robust, flexible and wholly future-proof solution.

  • For users looking to simplify their planning and scheduling processes, Avatega revolutionizes channel management by automating all the repetitive tasks in the scheduling process, massively reducing the time it takes to populate both linear and non-linear schedules.