Actus Mosaic - IABM Single BaM Product

Actus Mosaic - IABM Single BaM Product

Actus Mosaic

Actus Mosaic


Actus proposes an efficient and cost effective Mosaic (Multiviewer) system, catering to the requirements of Broadcasters, Public authorities and Media monitoring organizations.

Mosaic is a software module, running on any client workstation, capable of displaying a large number of TV signals, with near low latency, including errors detection and alerts, audio VU meters, clocks and images into any large wall monitor screen. Its low budget and its ability to use existing sources from Actus encoders make it a perfect solution for content monitoring rooms. Actus Mosaic can display any of the channels recorded by the Actus. This means that regardless of the input type, Analog, IPTS, ASI, SDI, DVB or other, all channels can be displayed side by side. The display is driven either by a PC client, similar to any other PC client running the Actus Web browser, or by the Actus recording servers.

• Configurable to any number of channels, any size, any shape

• Any mix of video inputs,

• Does not require additional servers or cards,

• Technical alerts in real time: on the screen, mail, SNMP

  • Fully integrated with Actus TS analysis

  • Build your own layout

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