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Managed playout services

CLOUDPORT is a cloud-managed, next-generation channel playout platform. It can be used to deliver broadcast-grade live linear channels over satellite, fiber, or OTT platforms. CLOUDPORT can be installed at the edge locations and managed remotely, or used to instantly spin-up new channels with a fully virtualized set-up. CLOUDPORT’s easy web UI makes it possible to remotely manage entire playout and delivery. Unlike traditional playout systems, CLOUDPORT manages workflows intelligently with automated playlist generation from a scheduling grid. It can automatically schedule channel graphics based on the rules provided to make the playout management more efficient. CLOUDPORT offers unmatched efficiency while handling Live Events. The Live switching fabric, with intent capture system allows TV networks to manage multiple headends and multiple live sources, while switching frame-accurately between live and commercial breaks. The Digital Video Effects (DVE) and advanced graphics insertion feature on live, make the experience

even more richer for the viewer. CLOUDPORT can ingest content in multiple formats such as MXF, MOV, MP4, and more. It also supports output in multiple formats such as HLS, RTMP, UDP, and HD-SDI. With capability to deliver sports-ready live playout, and at the same time manage VOD delivery to next-gen platforms, CLOUDPORT is the most versatile playout platform available today.

Feature Highlights:

1.Virtualized Playout: Spin-off broadcast-grade new channels on the fly in just hours.

2.PaaS-based Playout Platform: Pay-as-you-go model with all OPEX and zero CAPEX.

3.Best Live Events Handling: Experience frame accurate, live switching. Simultaneously broadcast, live events to multiple feeds, & multiple headends.

4.Automated Scheduling: Generate playlist, automatically based on scheduling grid and break patterns.

5. 4K UHD Support: 4K-ready with CLOUDPORT at the Edge

6. Deliver VOD: Deliver VOD assets to operators using Amagi’s cloud-managed media transcoding and automated delivery workflows.

7. Dynamic Video Format Conversion: Dynamically playout HD to SD, PAL to NTSC and vice-versa.

8.Multichannel Edge Playout: 3 channel SD or 2 Channel HD playout at the Edge with Simulcast support.

Key Benefits:

1.Improved Efficiency with Automated Graphics Scheduling

Save time, and avoid manual effort for schedule preparation and

scheduling of graphics.

2.Zero CAPEX and Low OPEX

Launch new channels at a fraction of the cost of traditional

satellite and fiber delivery models.

3. Sports-ready Live Playout Management

Centrally manage live events such as Sports, with reduced

latency with context-driven playout system

4. 4K UHD Playout

Deliver UHD content over cloud without incurring the costs of

high bit-rate transfer associated with traditional models.

5. Create Regionalized Feeds

Create sub-feeds to address viewer preferences, comply with

broadcast regulations, and manage content rights obligations

and monetization opportunities.

6. Pop-up Channel Origination

Operate channels on short-term basis to support seasonal

or event-based audience requirements, and suspend when

not required.

7. Transparency and Control

Retain full control of the broadcast workflow through remote


8. 24/7 Playout Monitoring

Monitor playout 24/7 with Amagi’s fully functional MCR.

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