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Managed playout services

CLOUDPORT -LIVE is an end-to-end, cloud-based, live orchestration platform. It can help content creators and broadcasters spin-up live channels instantly and orchestrate broadcast-grade content on the go. CLOUDPORT -LIVE can be deployed with ease, and is capable of ingesting multi-source, multi-protocol content. Since the platform is completely cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, using the web dashboard with multiple operation modes.

The ganged control feature, and scalability of CLOUDPORT -LIVE makes it the most versatile live orchestration platform available today. It can be used to manage a single channel, multiple channels with different ads and graphics playlists for the same breaks. This reduces need for multiple human live control operators per event and dramatically brings down cost of both infrastructure and operations.

With an ability to spin-up broadcast-grade live channels in minutes, CLOUDPORT -LIVE offers the most economical, and flexible solution to cover large events, mid-tier content, or even local events such as college sports.

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