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Onair Player

Media asset management (MAM)

  •  Part of the dira suite, Onair Player is created to make life in the studio as easy as possible. Therefore, Onair Player’s interface and features are optimized for self-operated studio workflows and give radio DJs unmatched control over the content and presentation of their broadcasts, even in extremely demanding environments such as outside broadcasts. Its main goal is to shorten everyday workflows. To find a song, for example, users do not need to switch into a database application but simply do a quick full-text search in the integrated content browser linked to the database. The song can then be added to the schedule via drag and drop. These changes are also applied to the underlying schedule by bi-directional updates also to the newsroom system.There is also no need to switch applications to edit a script either. Simply open the text display to view or editor a text. Also, dira Onair Player includes its own segue editor, allowing users to cue, crossfade and even create an automatically played mix with transitions and drop-ins. In addition, it also features a fast one-click recording functionality for pre production or live recordings.

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