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Augmented Reality/Virtual Sets

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NEP is a leading provider of augmented reality (AR) solutions that have the power to visually change the world inside your studio. By combining real life with virtual elements, our AR solutions can transform a confined area into an infinite space, or replace a green screen with a set that can be anything you can imagine to perfectly fit the content of your program.

We have developed an augmented reality solution that combines four key elements into one workflow, creating next-level results.

In order to bring augmented reality to the next level we offer the new Mo-Sys Startracker optical system. By deploying this tracking technology on any broadcast camera, we can work in an environment of mixed encoded cameras, including handheld, crane cameras, hard/pedestal cameras—even steady cams.

Creating virtual graphics that are realistic to the human eye requires live rendering capacity, realistic live shadows and realistic live reflections. All of these things were lacking in today's broadcast render engines, so we adopted the most advanced gaming technology and modified it to fit in the broadcast environment. We use Zero Density Reality Virtual Studio as a bridge between hardware and our platform CUBE.

High-end keying is crucial in a virtual set environment, so we have integrated the latest generation "vision" based keying into our solution. Even the most difficult circumstances are no problem.

A virtual multi-camera environment is complicated. How do you handle the delays? What do you do with clean and dirty feeds? What back up scenarios are there for the live feed? We have created a seamless integration with the entire production chain, ensuring our virtual world is reality throughout the entire production.