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Edison PRO – AR/VR real-time presentations made easy

Production automation systems

Edison PRO is an innovative, template-based playout application that seeks to transform any live, online presentation or conference into an immersive experience through AR and virtual environments, allowing users to enhance their speech and storytelling with real-time 3D graphics and other visual aids, including immersing themselves in the presentation.

Based on Brainstorm’s 25 years of broadcast experience in virtual sets and AR, Edison PRO substantially improves the impact of any presentation. Users do not require any experience in graphics, video, image or 3D, as the starting point for their sessions is a PPT of PDF document.

Based on 25 years of the broadcast experience of Brainstorm in virtual sets and AR, Edison PRO substantially improves the quality and impact of your presentations without requiring specific knowledge in 3D, virtual studios or video.

Edison PRO is a standalone product that includes a future-proof hardware to ensure the ease of operation, compatibility and performance. Installation, training and support are straight-forward, ensuring a rock-solid operation even in highly demanding, live production environments.

Compatible with standard presentation tools

Edison PRO can import standard PPT and PDF files so the slides or pages can be displayed and controlled by the presenter by using Edison’s interface. The presentation can also be controlled using standard clicker devices, smartphones or tablets.

Easy to use and control

Running a presentation is as easy as loading a template and importing the slides. Once a template is loaded, Edison PRO can key out and insert the presenter inside the 3D Virtual Reality scene, which can be further customized.

TrackFree virtual cameras that turn your virtual set limitless

Using Brainstorm’s patented TrackFree™ technology, Edison PRO takes the video feed of your fixed camera and creates virtual camera views from it. These are flexible, independent from the live feed, and can move freely in 3D space, as pedestals or cranes do in live production environments. This feature expands the virtual environment far beyond the limits of the physical chroma set. Users can change the camera view or create a new one at any time, instantly, with just a click!

Unreal Engine compatible

Edison PRO is compatible with UE scenes, which can be used as 3D backgrounds for the presentation. This improves your presentations with the ability to use hyper realistic background scenes in real-time.

Also, the optional Edison UC (Edison Unreal Control) plugin allows for controlling and editing the UE scene’s blueprints, objects and properties directly from Edison’s own, user-friendly interface.

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