Eztrack - IABM Single BaM Product

Eztrack - IABM Single BaM Product




Released as oARo’s latest innovation for Virtual Production, our EZtrack® Hub for camera tracking relies on a compact system unit that is operated by an intuitive interface. The solution delivers accurate tracking, compatibility with multiple tracking standards, image sync, zoom/focus data acquisition, communication with world-class 3D engines as well as objects or talents tracking in real-time.

Operating like a “Hub”, the EZtrack® unit processes the tracked data in real-time before sending it to the 3D rendering station. From live tracking to 3D compositing, the process remains straightforward and promises a complete control at every step.

Achieving an excellent value for money, the solution has been especially engineered to be lighter and easier to use than other tracking products, thus enabling quick deployment of your virtual studio set-up with significantly less efforts.


Designed for mastered virtual studio conditions without many reflective surfaces, every EZtrack® Hub unit can handle up to 1 camera rig and up to 2 objects or live talents tracking.

From live TV sets to On-Set Previs, EZtrack® can be interfaced with multiple configurations :

– Virtual Studio setup for Live show/Live Entertainment in Augmented Reality (AR)

– Camera tracking : steadycams and handheld cameras, dollies, small cranes

– Objects tracking : 3D assets insertion, virtual accessories

– Talent tracking: automatic depth compositing


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