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Safire 3 chroma keyer

Virtual sets and chromakey

The Safire 3 chroma keyer is ideal for real-time applications from weather to immersive virtual studios.

It has a simple intuitive workflow for setting up a key, support for resolutions from SD to 1080p and features such as lighting compensation, colour correction and video delay to help solve common real world issues.

It’s also the lowest cost of the industry’s best real time chroma keyers – and includes the best support as well as a five year warranty.

Safire 3 is used by broadcasters across the world.

You can set up an impressive chroma key automatically using multi-point sampling, or you can manually adjust the picture using any of the fine-tuning tools available. These adjustments can be made using a choice of control options – from touch screen control panel to web browser.

Safire 3 is a module that fits in Crystal Vision’s Indigo frames, saving you rack space by allowing up to 12 chroma keyers (or other cards) in 2U.


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