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Etere HSM Archive

Off-line/archive storage

Tape Library Manager for several long-term archiving: integration, proactive cache, MAM prefetch, reliability, enterprise design, and partial restore capabilities. Etere provides higher storage variations.

Etere HSM is a tool to move and optimize video contents between different media. The data movement policy is applied to get the best compromise between cost and speed.

Etere HSM manages all archives in a single integrated environment, supporting a mix of proprietary and/or industry file systems, including Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) storage, Disk Archive, Object Storage and Cloud Storage, with a single interface that provides all information on archives located on-site as well as across multiple geographic locations. The integrated workflow orchestration helps automate multi-vendor and multi-format file transformations, across unlimited storage tiers in a hybrid cloud environment. Etere HSM also streamlines metadata interchange between third-party systems, and metadata enrichment services to enable users to attain more value from their assets. This solution lets our customers choose from a wide range of archive storage technologies. Users can create an archive copy of all critical data on performance storage and a second copy on secure storage. Optionally, a disaster recovery copy can be stored offsite. Etere HSM uses Windows drivers to interface with hardware; any windows-compatible library or tape drive can be used.

Key Features

■ Supports LTO8

■ Archive high and low resolution copies as well as Master and TX copies

■ Store all metadata along with the video for an increased protection

■ Carry out the backup copy of the database

■ Auto-update the library status of files to prevent last minute issues

■ Optimize space according to cost and reduce expensive media

■ User-friendly interface combined with display of tape content, even for offline tapes

■ Capable of producing multiple copies of the tapes, up to three copies that can be held in the library or off the shelf for increased security

■ Archiving of all the video files and management of both high and proxy resolution with increased protection

■ Enables metadata integration when a clip is archived in the Tape Library

■ Long term archive management; the tape library is used to significantly expand the system capacity to allow permanent storage of data

■ MS Windows based and is able to interface with all library or tape drives that are MS Windows compatible

■ A single view of a multi-library environment; it is able to manage different libraries located in different places as a single logical entity

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