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Wowza Streaming Cloud

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The Wowza Streaming Cloud service is the industry's leading live-streaming global cloud platform and API. Professionally managed by streaming industry experts, it's easy to use, with flexibility for end-to-end live streaming or as part of a custom streaming solution.

Simplified Global StreamingConfigure Professional Streams in Minutes

  • Configure streams easily with the Wowza Streaming Cloud GUI management portal.

  • Stream using a wide variety of protocols and codecs.

  • Transcode and transmux for a wide range of networks and devices.

Stream to Any Size Audience, Anywhere

  • Manage costs with pay-as-you-go, contract-free pricing.

  • Scale automatically to accommodate global audiences of any size.

  • Leverage the industry-leading Akamai CDN for global delivery.

Leverage Advanced Features

  • 4K streaming for UHD, virtual reality and augmented reality.

  • Stream customization for full control of your message and brand.

  • Wide range of security options, including CDN token authorization and geoblocking.

  • Consistent and reliable sub-three-second streams with the Ultra Low Latency feature.

Built to Build OnComprehensive REST API and SDKs

  • Programmable access to every aspect of stream processing.

  • Automatic monitoring and management of the entire workflow.

  • Advanced options to customize transcoding, sources, and targets.

Proven App Development Framework

  • Extensive developer tools including a REST API, Java and Ruby SDKs, and code samples.

  • Seamless integration with a broad ecosystem of streaming tools.