Baishancloud Cloud Delivery - IABM Single BaM Product

Baishancloud Cloud Delivery - IABM Single BaM Product

BaishanCloud Cloud Delivery

BaishanCloud Cloud Delivery



Just in the past decade, the median web page size went from less than 0.5 MB to nearly 2 MB – that’s a quadruple jump! Modern websites boast rich media content and meticulous designs accomplished with JavaScript and CSS. With this improvement comes headaches like slow page load and network congestion.

BaishanCloud’s content acceleration solution helps solve these problems by intelligently routing web traffic to bypass network slowness and by caching digital content like images and scripts on hundreds of server PoPs. Our global delivery network connects content to millions of end-users worldwide with speed and high availability.

Product Highlights

Web Caching and Instant Page Loads

Intelligent Routing and DNS Load Balancing

Scalability and Flexibility for Easy Customization

Fast Whole-Network Content Purge 

Better Performance and Lower Latency

Studies show that faster page loads improve user stickiness. Sluggish page loads can cause users to abandon a page, impact search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, and decrease advertising revenue.

A few factors affecting performance include the distance between the content and end-users and network conditions. BaishanCloud’s content delivery solutions improve a website’s performance by pushing and caching its content to the edge of the Internet so that it’s closer to users worldwide, resulting in significant performance improvements for static content, social-media-integrated sites, and media-heavy web pages.

Intelligent Routing and DNS Load Balancing

Baishan monitors global network conditions to detect and automatically adjust request routing to avoid unfavorable paths. We use a dynamic IP database to balance traffic accurately based on IP addresses. When there’s a server or network issue, the platform will make adjustments within seconds to ensure a high level of performance.

Fast Purge

The freshness and accuracy of a website’s content are crucial to online businesses, which is why Baishan prioritizes our customers’ ability to control and manage cached content quickly. Information such as news headlines, weather forecasts, and airline promotion pricing changes all the time and has to be up-to-date. Baishan’s intelligent purging removes obsolete content across our global network within seconds. Efficiency and flexibility are critical to meeting the demands of enterprise customers, so we make sure our customers’ websites are always current and ready-to-go!


Baishan protects websites and applications with TLS encryption to ensure the privacy and data integrity of our customers and their end-users. We also provide other value-added security products such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and artificial-intelligence-based Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) to defend our customers from malicious bots and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Connectivity in China, Asia, and Beyond

BaishanCloud has an extensive network in China, with over 600 PoPs located in first, second, and third-tier cities. Directly peering with multiple national ISPs, Baishan keeps a pulse on network status changes to ensure top-notch performance at all times. Our expertise in China’s internet ecosystem helps our customers expand their businesses and navigate the market with ease. BaishanCloud also operates numerous PoPs in key countries and cities across Asia and the rest of the world, ensuring superior coverage of each region.

HTTP/2 and IPv6

BaishanCloud’s dynamic acceleration platform is tailored to serve modern Internet content and devices (such as IoT) and mobile phones. It supports HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, and HTTP/2 with both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled. The platform will serve the compatible protocol and version based on the devices or clients end users are using without the need for customers to modify the origin.

API and Automation

Baishan’s API-friendly platform allows our customers to manage their domain settings and automate deployments via APIs around the globe. One can easily create new delivery configurations, purge cache, or upload TLS certificates with pre-programmed API calls. We continue to expand our API library to include new functions or customizations.

Dedication to Innovation

BaishanCloud leads the pack with real-world customer performance data measured by third-party analytic companies. With comprehensive delivery solutions and a robust global platform reaching the corners of the globe, BaishanCloud prides itself on technological innovation and creation of new and customized solutions. We continuously optimize our network and performance to serve our customers and their end-users wherever they may be.

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