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With Mobile Viewpoint's webbased live TV clipping application, Clipper, content teams can now use this powerful tool to select key moments as they occur from a live stream, edit and post them within 30 seconds on Social Media platforms or a private CDN.

With Clipper there no need any more complicated editing systems. Just access the Clipper application through the LinkMatrix portal, select your live stream, select highlights, edit them frame accurately and post them instantly.

Real-time, fast and in the highest quality. And no extra hardware needed!


  • Real-time

  • Web-based

  • Integrated part of the Mobile Viewpoint LinkMatrix portal

  • Easy to use user interface based on scene recognition and frame accurately editing


  • Be the first to share content on social media channels

  • Engage bigger and new audiences with your short format content

  • Re-use key moments after the actual event