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BitSave v.2

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BitSave v.2 is the next generation AI technology offered by iSIZE Technologies for fast and low complexity precoding with significant bitrate savings. Available both as a SaaS platform at and for on- premise use as a “bolt-on” solution on top of any standard or proprietary video codec.


Precode and Encode videos up to 500% faster than other encoding services. Save time and reduce your cloud energy footprint


BitSave technology is compatible with any codec, including AVC, HEVC, VP9, AV1, and even the upcoming AV2 and VVC, with increased gains in bitrate and quality offered for newer standards


Reach ultimate video quality for resolutions up to 8K. Reduce streaming bandwidth by as much as 40%


Less than $5 per hour of content for all resolutions up to 4K – up to 50% cheaper than the most competitive solutions


BitSave enables sustainability with significant computational and energy efficiency, datacenter cost reduction, prolonging battery life for resource-constrained devices (drones, action-cams, smartphones).