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Anevia’s Content Delivery Network solution, NEA-CDN®, enables you to reduce costs while scaling for peak viewing.

It does this by using advanced video caching algorithms, such as content awareness, to improve caching efficiency and hit-ratio. Coupled with our chunk-sharing technology between live and Cloud DVR services, content delivery performance is enhanced and network usage optimised by up to 30%, saving you money.

The latest version of NEA-CDN is built on an elastic Cloud infrastructure that can match any viewing demand by temporarily scaling up during peak events.

This means you deliver low-latency, broadcast-quality content cost-efficiently, even during high traffic - giving your viewers a consistent quality of experience.

Key benefits:

- Highly scalable and elastic CDN adjusts to your traffic flows

- Supports any adaptive streaming format: HLS, Smooth streaming, DASH

- Allows enhanced request routing to the selected origin servers depending on content type

- More efficient caching dynamically applied on popular content

- Business dashboards for audience measurements, asset popularity, user behaviour analysis

- Technical dashboards for capacity planning and infrastructure management.