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Setting up a custom video platform is hard.


It’s a huge technical headache.

If you’ve never been involved in building a custom video platform before, you might be surprised at the level of technical expertise required. Building your own platform might seem like a logical option, but the reality is that it can be a fast way to waste both time and money.

Custom builds can take far too long.

We believe that building a new home for your video content should be quick and easy. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. Many vendors who offer custom platforms also have a 6 - 9-month lead time, with all of the costs that go along with that timescale.

Revenue sharing can devour your profits.

Revenue sharing has become a common commercial model in the online video industry. While it might be acceptable to larger organisations though, if you’re just starting out or have a limited selection of highly-curated content, revenue sharing could eat into your earnings fast.

Hive is an affordable white-label video platform that gets you up and running fast.


It’s everything you need to launch your own service.

No half-measures here; Hive is everything you need, right out of the box. Delight your viewers with a modern, responsive UI powered by easy-to-use tools that give you ultimate control over your content. From subscriptions and rentals to offers and payment, managing your platform is a breeze with Hive.

It’s highly customisable, but fast to build.

Moving to your own video platform is your opportunity to craft an experience built around your customers - not someone else’s. Hive gives you the power to create highly customisable home screens, category pages and watch lists andworks across Android, Apple TV, iOS, Roku and Fire TV devices. Better still, your Hive platform can be up and running in just weeks.

It offers simple pricing, with no revenue sharing.

What’s yours is yours... isn’t it? If you’re still splitting revenue with your video platform vendor, then it might be time to change. Hive offers an affordable, simple pricing structure with no revenue sharing. Founded on years of R&D by Piksel, Hive offers a reliable, stable platform that won’t break the bank.

Hive can help you take back control of your video content quickly and affordably.


Centralise your video content on a custom channel

Bring order to your content archive with a single platform for everything you own.

Maximise your monetisation strategy

No revenue sharing, no hidden surprises - keep what you earn with Hive.

Reach new customers fast

Get your content and message to viewers around the world in weeks not months.

Get future-ready with a customisable platform

Grow and evolve your channel with a configurable, customisable template.

Find your audience, wherever they are

Don’t let tech control your reach - from Roku to iOS, Hive has you covered.