Livery - IABM Single BaM Product

Livery - IABM Single BaM Product




Livery offers high quality, low latency live streaming-as-a-service. Using ULL-CMAF, it’s more affordable and scalable than WebRTC. And it includes with integrated, synchronised and expandable interactive features as standard. This makes Livery an easy to use, end-to-end solution for any professional looking to make their live video bigger, better and more profitable.

Video features:

  • CMAF Ultra Low Latency (<3 seconds)

  • End-to-end: cloud & on-prem encoder, CDN & player

  • Optimal quality and scalability, powered by the world’s biggest CDN

  • Sync that works end-to-end across all devices or connections (3G-5G, Wifi, …)

  • Data efficient, ABR, high quality

  • Players and SDKs for iOS, Android & Web with integrated interactive layer

  • Integrates in any RTMP or SRT workflow

Interactive features:

  • Create your a custom interactive layer or use Livery’s standard features at any time:

  • Core: Countdown, announcement, rating, vote/poll, trivia, sentiment

  • Communication: Chat, Q&A

  • E-commerce / shoppable video: Discover, configure, purchase, product rating

  • Gamification: Prediction, estimation, quiz game, leaderboard

Integration & operations features:

  • Cloud based, turn-key solution

  • SDK for iOS, Android & Web

  • User authentication

  • Powerful analytics

  • Presenter view with data visualization and live feedback

  • Configurable templates, texts and localization options

  • Easy to use, web-based management system (CMS)

  • Transparent, usage-based pricing, no upfront costs, cancel any time


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