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Carbonite Mosaic Video-Image Processor

Production switchers

Carbonite Mosaic is built to get high-quality video onto your large-screen display, quickly and easily.

Large-screen displays have grown to massive scale in both size and resolution. Carbonite Mosaic gets the highest quality images on displays of over 20 million pixels.

A complete set of video processing resources guarantees a uniform look across your display. For ultra-high-quality imagery, Carbonite Mosaic supports 10bit HDR formats.

Powered by 10 independently-controlled tile outputs, it’s easy to weave a massive single display or feed multiple displays throughout your venue – the choice is yours.

Carbonite Mosaic and XPression Tessera team up for high-quality upscaled video and beautiful pixel-accurate graphics on your display. Live has never looked this good.

Like all Ross products, Carbonite Mosaic is part of the DashBoard Control Ecosystem. DashBoard makes it easy to control your display layouts or even your entire venue, from a single interface.


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