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Production switchers

With a worldwide heritage in live production switchers — from designing the first true multiformat switcher to the creative power and flexibility of switchers that offer all formats from SD to 4K UHD, and connectivity allowing you to mix traditional SDI and IP — Grass Valley brings you the Kahuna family of production switchers.

The Kahuna 4800, Kahuna 6400 and Kahuna 9600 offer more firepower and flexibility in the Kahuna family than ever before, including 4K UHD and HDR capabilities across all Kahuna switchers.

Together with Kahuna Maverik — Grass Valley’s Kahuna family switcher control surface — the Kahuna family provides a large feature set, including more power for M/E functionality and enhanced DVE resize engines.

The three switchers in the Kahuna family provide more power and flexibility than ever before.

Kahuna 9600

Up to 24 M/Es

48 keyers

The most powerful switcher in the Kahuna family, the Kahuna 9600 is an enterprise-class switcher offering an unmatched feature set to meet the needs of the highest caliber of productions.

Kahuna 6400

Up to 12 M/Es

24 keyers

The Kahuna 6400 delivers huge power and flexibility to the widest range of applications including regional news, sports production, houses of worship and magazine programs.

Kahuna 4800

Up to 4 M/Es

16 keyers

Offering superb value for money, the Kahuna 4800 is an immensely capable and well-engineered mid-level production switcher.

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