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StreamingPix is a complete live production and streaming solution designed for easy set up and use, yet powerful enough to produce compelling professional content.

Ideal for companies from Aquariums to Zoo’s; Churches, Corporations, Events, Schools, Universities and all users who want to take streaming to the next level. StreamingPix includes everything required to start streaming at the incredible price of USD $6,495.

Easy to set and ready to go, StreamingPix is available now as a complete turnkey solution. It includes:

  • A RoboPix PTZ camera with integrated remote control

  • High-quality audio capture using a LAV microphone

  • SDI, HDMI, IP and NDI™ inputs for the ability to input PowerPoint and social media

  • A library of “ready-to-use” clips and graphics

  • Media aware macros to make your content visually interesting

  • One-to-many streaming to popular streaming services, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo etc., and virtual meetings, including Zoom, Skype, Go to Meeting, and more

  • All controlled from an easy-to-use and configurable software interface