Etere Etx - IABM Single BaM Product

Etere Etx - IABM Single BaM Product

Etere ETX

Etere ETX


The most advanced IT-based solution, cost-efficient video management system on the market that is a complete channel in a box with full IP/NDI/SDI in and out capabilities.

Etere ETX is the most advanced, tightly integrated and cost-efficient video management system on the market, completely based on IT technology. It is 4K ready and a complete channel in a box with full IP/NDI/SDI (in and out) for multiple frames rates. It is able to drive the most popular HD/SD digital video/audio/graphics platforms without using middle-ware/proprietary hardware. ETX is a fully digital ingest/playout engine that gives you professional video technology with support for all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry. It is capable of SDI output, multiple layers of graphics. Additionally, HEVC/ H.265 encoding is also available on Etere ETX. With ETX inserter, operators are able to create closed captions including CEA 608 and CEA 708. In addition, ETX is capable of live subtitling with the ETX inserter and time delay. ETX is also integrated with a countdown timer that displays the time remaining until the next program. As part of the Etere Ecosystem framework, Etere ETX has a distributed architecture that enables it to take advantage of ultimate storage and video hardware to create a high-performance digital media solution that can be used to capture/playout servers, NLE systems, graphics/production servers, automation and master control units. To receive an NDI source stream, use live source object and initialize the “NDI Receiver” device just like any other capture card. The distribution of contents from the different ETX engines is controlled by Etere Data Mover, the application that delivers the correct video to the correct place at the correct time. In addition, Etere ETX video file transfer capability is one of the fastest in the market.

Key features

■ Multiple graphics and webGL graphics overlays

■ Capture web pages as live multimedia sources

■ 4K, HD, and SD with Up and Down conversion

■ RTMP input and integrated time delay

■ Serves as a RTMP sender or RTSP receiver

■ Full IP support for both HD and SD videos, supports NewTek NDI

■ Supports multiple layers of graphics

■ Fully compliant DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) stream

■ Supports Microsoft ReFS File System, cloud-ready

■ Included graphics engine allows overlay of static/animated logos and crawlers on 8 layers

■ Able to perform IP in and IP out, with multiple frame rates and independent IP out services

■ Integrated IT-based master control with multichannel ingest/playout

■ Easy insertion of closed captions including CEA 608 and CEA 708 with ETX inserter

■ Create live subtitling seamlessly with ETX inserter and time delay

■ SDI output with support for selected cards (SDI or IP) including Blackmagic, Matrox

■ File formats includes LXF, MOV, MXF, GXF, ASF, MPG-TS, MPG-PS, AVI, DV and MKV

■ Video codecs includes DVCPRO, MPG1, MPG2, MPG4, H.264, HEVC/ H.265, DNxHD, ProRes

■ Audio codecs includes AAC, MP2, MP3, Flac

■ Graphics files includes TGA, AVI, MOV, SWF, PNG, JPEG, GIF

■ Plays files from 5 secs

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