Cartoni Ptz Supports - IABM Single BaM Product

Cartoni Ptz Supports - IABM Single BaM Product




The new needs for automated image gathering, along with increasing demand for social distancing have changed the studio configuration.

The latest generation of PTZ cameras supports high-quality video production in studios, stadium, lecture halls, churches and other venues.

Cartoni has designed new practical and affordable solutions to support the PTZ cameras and safely installing and moving them on every location.

1 –Lightweight tripod

The basic solution kits tripod KT721 with adjustable mid level spreader S731/QR the new design rubber feet AT877 , the AT922 half ball 75mm camera attachment completed by  D833 lightweight dolly.

2 – Light PTZ stand

The new versatile KPTZ001 support features the 3 telescopic stage TZ001 lightweight stand complete with AT926 PTZ ball joint, the stand comes with standard rubber feet and can be installed on the D833 lightweight dolly.

 The PTZ  camera can be attached to the Ball joint with a quick release sliding plate AH921 for fast attachment and enhanced centring ability.

3 – P020 /PTZ pedestal

The Cartoni P20 pedestal gives to PTZ cameras an outstanding support allowing super high set up, a gliding vertical movement of 40 cm stroke and a super-precise travelling ability on even floors.

Equipped with a flat AH870 3/8, ¼” camera attachment the P020/ PTZ pedestal enable the PTZ camera to  be assisted by a teleprompter, making it the ideal camera for newsroom

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