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Shotoku SE80 & SE150 Manual Tripod Series

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The Shotoku SE series has evolved from a concept of providing high functionality and application flexibility in a support system designed for the extended range of HD/4K camera systems available today. It features lightweight, robust construction for smooth and reliable operation, a high-quality drag system to ensure smooth on-air moves, and a multiple level counterbalance system to ensure accurate balancing of a wide range of cameras. The SE80 supports up to 10kg (22 lbs), has 8 levels of counterbalance, and 4 grades of drag.

The SE150 supports up to 16kg (35 lbs), has 10 levels of counterbalance, and 6 grades of drag.

Both systems come complete with an aluminum or carbon fiber 2-stage tripod, mid or ground level spreader and a soft carrying case. A dolly option is also available.