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Available in three different systems, the Focus 8, Focus 10 and the Focus 12, the Red Lock System is one of the most affordable on the market without compromising quality. Fast, lightweight and robust, the Red Lock System comes with a dual stage spreader allowing it go ultra-low.

The sleek Red Lock Tripod has ergonomically-designed, user-friendly red lock levers that allow you to set up quickly. Unlike other budget-friendly systems, the Red Lock System also features Cartoni’s patented Smart Lock Mid-Level Spreader.

Dual extendable sections allow the tripod legs to spread wide for super low shots and folds up in a moment without binding of the legs for fast transport. Lightweight, fast, and robust, the three new Cartoni Systems are one of the most affordable packages on the market without compromising quality and performance.

The best option for most broadcast and digital cinema cameras.