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Shotoku TR-XT Control System

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The TR-XT Control System with multiple enhancements further expands the capabilities of this already powerful and intuitive control system.


The TR-XT, the flagship control system of the Shotoku platform, offers a new LiveView option that uses a secondary IP video camera to provide a wide-angle scene view for each camera. LiveView enables operators to command heads to new positions simply by touching on a wide-angled live video view of the studio, smoothly repositioning the head towards the selected presenter, guest or other area of interest.

Studio Zones

Studio zones easily define areas within a studio into which cameras may or may not travel.  Zones have a dynamic understanding of studio equipment to avoid no-go areas and potential collisions.  In addition to each SmartPed’s unique on-board collision avoidance system, Studio Zones offers a higher level of control for the operator to ensure smooth and safe operation within the environment.


Full Automation

Shotoku also features its enhanced automation interfaces allowing not just pre-set shot recall but full camera adjustment on-the-fly from external systems, even including face-recognition and tracking systems.  This advanced technology brings the concept of operator-less control into reality!