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Camera support and grip

The robotic crane assembled with a precise spherical robotic head can shoot automatically and intelligently, which is perfectly designed for various studio Reality, AR or VR shooting.



1.Replace professional crane operators.

2.Achieve standardization of the camera shooting at beginning and ending of the news or special topic programs.

3.Achieve highly accurate video effect in programs combined with both Reality and VR.

4.Offer professional tracking data to cooperate with live AR production in large-scale activity programs.

5.In the OB van or large studio, automatic positioning robots are set up to achieve automatic camera shooting.

6.When controlling ultra-high definition cameras, long lens shooting can achieve effective anti-shake.

7.Reduce the error rate of manual shooting on important occasions.

8.Through the network transmission, the camera motion can be operated smoothly and remotely.



1. Professional leading start-stop anti-shake technology ensures the perfect shooting effect.

2. According to the location of the start point, automatically generates the optimized trajectory and achieves natural curvilinear motion.

3. Absolute value controller is used to record movement position data and tracking data without initialization calibration Could be used within 2 seconds after start-up.

4. Support Canon or Fujinon full servo lens, controlling zoom, focus function and collecting tracking data.

5. According to the delay amount of the tracking data from the buit-in lens encoder, automatically synchnonize the delay of tracking data from the motor, then output complete integrated tracking data.

6. RS422 and network UDP dual-output high precision FREE-D tracking data, which can be docked with AR and VR equipment.

7. Adopt standard TCP/IP network protocol which can be controlled by third party equipment to realize automation of whole work flow.

8. Automatically track major object when the crane moves.

9. Support automatic focus-follow of Canon/Fujinon full-servo lens by AI technology when the jib and robotic head move simultaneously at non wideangle situation.

10. Optical anti-collision technology adopted to ensure safe operation during usage, with a controllable accuracy of 10mm.

11. Tracking date can be continuously output by free-d protocol when the crane changed between aoutomatic and manual operation.

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