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Verspective Analytics

Consumer data analysis

The brand-new Verspective Intelligence solution marks significant enhancements for video service providers to maximize their network performance and optimize subscriber experience in order to further monetize their services.

Video analytics tools are essential to the decision-making capability of various departments of a video service provider. Operations and Engineering teams need real-time analytics tools to analyze Quality of Service (QoS) and viewers’ Quality of Experience (QoE), to detect and correct inefficiencies and, ultimately, reduce operational costs. Business users can leverage historical data to better understand content consumption and viewing behavior, identify opportunities to increase viewer engagement and revenue, optimize ad slot pricing, and reduce costly subscriber churn.

However, the challenge faced by today’s video service providers is that they are currently using problem-specific analytics tools that create disparate data silos. More often than not, they are sitting on terabytes of data stored in silos scattered across the organization. For example, they might be using website analytics to get an aggregate view of their traffic, a QoE tool to measure the subscriber\’s perception of the service, a QoS tool to measure performance of the delivery platform, and a BI tool as a way to connect these multiple sources. Furthermore, there is no clear connection on how to develop insights into specific data-driven actions that improve the business.

To maximize the power of this data, service providers need a solution that can collect, aggregate and analyze it in the most secure fashion while complying with mandated and self-directed privacy practices. In short, they need to unlock actionable business intelligence.

Leveraging robust and secure data aggregation methods, Verspective Intelligence enables service providers to be better informed by providing a data environment for collaboration. It collects and presents data from a variety of systems including set-top boxes (IPTV and DVB-IP hybrid), all kinds of OTT devices, video on-demand (VOD) servers and content delivery networks (CDN), DRMs including Verimatrix VCAS™ and data enrichment sources, such as program schedules and metadata. It then normalizes the feed from such various subscriber data sources to provide a 360-degree view across different network and device types.

Verspective Intelligence bridges organizational silos, aggregating all gathered data into a secure cloud-based data lake while granting controlled and role-based access to each department, where roles can be individually credentialed. Users can also build and modify visualizations to answer QoE and QoS questions as they arise.

Verspective Intelligence allows for a more precise method of segmenting the subscriber audience based on how they engage with the service. Service providers are able to more effectively address potential problems and uncover upsell opportunities in order to reduce churn and increase ARPU with powerful off-the-shelf and customizable reporting tools. The solution also accurately collates content usage and consumption analytics data from downstream operator sites, which offers a level of unprecedented visibility for content owners.

Off-the-shelf dashboards and visualization tools offer historical reporting that can be drilled into audiences, content, consumption, and overall service performance. The intelligence and dashboard portal provides an enhanced visualization engine with expanded customizable reporting tools that can analyze audience engagement, acquisition, retention, content performance and consumption behavior analysis – to name a few.

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