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Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption Software

Non-linear editing

With one single licence, you can have all the functions you need to manage closed and open captions. Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption software manages production, approval and transmission.

Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption Software is a digital platform for the creation, management, burning, playout and conversion of subtitles, captions and other text services for production, post-production and live shows. It allows broadcasters to freely produce subtitles in multi-languages and for multi-platforms, search by metadata and streamline the process with real-time sharing of edits without hardware. Operators are able to insert live captions, open captions and closed captions including ARIB and Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) via ETX inserter. Etere MOS connection supports teleprompter and provides a seamless integration with newsroom. For live subtitling, Etere MOS connector connects with NCS Server to receive rundowns and import subtitles from the rundown directly with extremely fast speed and accuracy. Etere also supports FTP connection to newsroom for live news. For a complete management, Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption Software makes it easy for broadcasters to monitor and verify all captions to comply with closed captioning laws across different countries. Etere Subtitling and Closed Caption Software supports all formats, frame rates and comes equipped with Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) for an effective and efficient management of multi-language subtitling.

Key Features

■Integrated with Google Speech to Text for 120 Languages and variants

■CEA 608 and 708 Closed Captions

■DVB Subtitling and ARIB Subtitling

■Extremely fast. Captions can be inserted/edited even just before being on-air

■Web format include ad webVtt

■Automated subtitling workflows including insertion, extraction, format conversions, timing, frame rate adjustment, sub-clipping and clip assembly

■No licence or hardware is needed for insertion or preview

■Unlimited web clients supported

■Etere ETX ‘s time delay feature enhances live captioning

■Easy single key production and management of large files

■Live captioning management with live edits and voice recognition

■Import and export subtitles in all major standard formats

■Full support for Unicode language, TrueType fonts and spell-check for multiple languages

■Integrated MAM provides an effective management of subtitles and targeted advertising

■Open captions: Transcoder licence for file production and preview

■Integrated Etere workflow system for easy production

■Customisable subtitle fonts and size

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