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Mistika VR

Non-linear editing

Mistika VR is an affordable Virtual Reality focused software solution for optical flow stitching that achieves speeds quicker than real-time for a 4K VR media encoding and stabilizes 360º footage in just one simple click. It has truly revolutionized the way multi-camera stitching is done and reduced the time taken to correct footage from hours to minutes – all at the highest possible quality. It is built on high-end Mistika Technology that is accessible for the masses with flexible payment options, based on a pay-per-use business model. SGO has been consistently improving Mistika VR with several significant upgrades, introducing various new features and other exciting improvements, contributing to a much more efficient VR 360º post-production workflow. Importantly, many of the VR camera manufacturers have adopted Mistika VR as a first choice solution providing metadata which ensures a faster, better and more precise stitch.

Mistika VR integrates VR 360 and other immersive formats in the workflow of traditional post-production pipelines, solving all the particularities of the media while sufficiently overlapping with further stages in the production chain.

In principle, the complexity to integrate this format comes due to following facts: First, VR 360º is normally based on rigs with many cameras, so they are difficult to process with traditional post-production pipelines based on one camera per shot. Secondly, The particular problems of the format itself: Geometry alignment, stitching, Stereo3D / depth grading, color matching between the cameras, stabilization in a 360 environment. Mistika VR is focused on solving all those points, and then deliver a traditional 2D image (or one per eye) in the most common formats used for post-production.

Mistika VR is based on the following ingredients:

Low-cost business model and pay per use. VR requires high-end technology, but short productions do not justify high-end investments in permanent infrastructure (at least until the market is mature). Mistika VR is available to download for Windows and macOS with flexible payment options on a subscription basis from just $60 a month.

High performance, even with small resources. Mistika technology is 100% based on GPU and has been being optimized for more than 20 years of Mistika Technology development. In the last year, SGO has been able to squeeze the most advanced high-end optical flow engine into small computers, even laptops, which is vital for the success in these environments.

High-end quality for the masses. Many VR camera solutions provide basic stitching capabilities for VR 360 formats. But past the novelty factor, VR 360 magic demands the ultimate image quality that is required to immerse us in a virtual world. The Mistika VR mission is to take the “frameless” format to the next level and making sure it is here to stay.

A complete solution encapsulating all the multi-camera tasks. The idea to start with Mistika VR and then use traditional resources would not be possible if one or more tasks requiring multiple camera manipulation are left out of the workflow. For this reason, Mistika VR covers not only the image stitching but also all other important tasks such as color matching, stabilization, Stereo3D adjustments, Keyframe Animation, etc.

Uniquely, Mistika VR functionality is perfectly integrated into the Mistika Ultima finishing solution used by studios and high-end facilities, thus covering the entire range of potential projects. This allows enhanced collaboration between small and big players and the flexibility to grow with new companies that are evolving to create various immersive experiences.

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