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Fulcrum ATM/12G – New generation 4K/3G/HD recording and replay server

Real-time production replay and slow-motion servers has improved its basic model of 4K multi-channel recording, Slow Motion and Instant Replay servers and significantly boosted its performance when working with 3G/HD video.

Fulcrum ATM/12G’s flexible architecture, large number of channels and affordable price make it a good choice in the current economic situation.

In its basic configuration, the system has SSD-based storage, four Graphiс ports for Main interface and Multiviever, 4 Toolless/Trayless DMR™ Racks for 3.5” SATA drives, two 10GbE and 12G SAS ports. The Networking option for transferring clips and Playlists between servers and Telestrator are also included. Fulcrum ATM/12G prodives:

  • Replay mode: 11Rec+2Play+11Search+FX for 3G/HD;

  • Recording for NLE: Up to 12 HD channels.

Support of 4K mode is a software option that can be connected remotely when really needed. 4K license opens a 4 Rec + 2 Play + 4 Search + FX configuration in Replay mode and up to 6 recording channels for NLE.

The proprietary DMR™ technology – Recording in NLE native video files is the strong point of all servers. In this mode, the Fulcrum ATM/12G records the incoming video with the selected codec on its internal SSD storage in proprietary reliable format and in NLE native files on standard 3.5″ SATA hard drives or to NAS.This allows achieving the highest safety, maximum convenience and production speed. The server also supports Growing files technology.

A wide range of options (Support of SuperMo, HiMo cameras; work with ProRes, XDCAM50, AVID DNxHD, AVC Intra, XAVC, DVCPro; VAR; Second Workplace, etc.) available also as Remote upgrade, allows the user save money on purchase and expand the capabilities of his server as the tasks become more complex.

The high performance of the system and its small size and weight (4U – 56cm, 20kg) make Fulcrum ATM/12G a perfect system for studio and OBvan environment.

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