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videoReferee®-FC – VAR system

Real-time production replay and slow-motion servers

videoReferee®-FC – Сomplete integrated video assistant referee (VAR) system.

videoReferee®, which has been used for many years across sports such as ice hockey, basketball and handball has now been adapted to accommodate soccer’s recently introduced FIFA obligatory requirements.

Designated videoReferee-FC, the compact 4U video server records up to 24 3G/HD channels and has four graphics outputs. It has a separate multi-viewer for all channels capable of displaying live and delayed video.  The system provides two fully functional and independent work places working with live, delayed for 2 seconds or recorded video.  Using the system, sports referees can analyze in-play action frame-by-frame, simultaneously viewing the action from several different camera angles.

Video inputs can be displayed from a single camera, in Quad view (four cameras) or in multi-viewer format for off-site situations. Also, it is possible to quickly perform and prepare analysis of an on-pitch incident at the assistant’s work place (AVAR) and transfer it to the main on-pitch (VAR) system for referees to review during the match.

The videoReferee® based VAR system setup includes:

  • Touch-screen monitors

  • Interfaces for integration with Vokkero Intercom system

  • Back-lit red and green buttons for simple event marking and controlling intercom with the referee on the field

  • vR-Keypad, which enables the assistant to mark and label in-play incidents for subsequent or immediate search

  • SDI output for integration within a stadium’s broadcast network

“As we witnessed at the recent FIFA World Cup Finals, VAR technology can revolutionize live sports, taking a lot of pressure from the referees who operate in extremely stressful environments,” commented Michael Gilman, CEO of “We believe our new version of videoReferee® will interest numerous other sports administrators and broadcasters.”

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