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Simplylive ViBox SloMo

Real-time production replay and slow-motion servers

ViBox Slomo​Ultra Intuitive and Scalable ReplayThe ViBox Slomo is the world’s most intuitive and scalable replay system on the market. The system is designed for high quality live sports productions of any size. How many camera’s does your production have? Four in HD? Six? How about 12 cameras or six at 4K?  We let you do it all. For larger productions, ViBox Slomo can scale up to dozens of HD cameras across a network of ViBox SloMo servers fed to multiple UIs. With all of that choice, operators can decide the camera layouts they need. ViBox Slomo is also designed for the way operators want to work. Some may prefer the familiar SloMo remote control with an intuitive button layout and a jog wheel. Others love working with our touch-screen UI with its easy-to-access controls and great feeling scroll pad.  And some operators want to work with both at the same time, which is why we offer both…so  people can work exactly the way they want. Intuitive, scalable and much more. Your replay operators will love working with ViBox SloMo and your directors will love the way it looks.

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