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A full-featured server incorporated into replay remote controller.

As the demand for compact mobile solutions increases, we are doing our best to reduce the size of our replay systems. The first step towards development of compact and powerful systems was the «Simple R» servers in 1U chassis. The next step was the development of product line «Jr.», the all-in-one monitor systems. And now we created a new multichannel recording and replay system – Ripley.


Ripley is a completely new kind of servers incorporated into replay controller.

Generally, a standard replay solution includes a large size server and a remote console. We were able to significantly reduce the size of the system and place both of these components within the dimensions of the replay console.

«Ripley» is a full-featured 442 replay server (4 recording channels, 4 search channels and 2 channel playback) that works with HD/SD signals. Optionally, it can be used for video judging with 4 cameras.

«Ripley» has 8 bi-directional HD/SD SDI interfaces.

The server has two graphical interfaces, allowing displaying of main interface and Multiviewer. If necessary, both of them could be displayed as needed on a single monitor with the help of the MultiSkin function.

For integration with mixers and other devices, «Ripley» has LTC and GPO interfaces as well as RS232/422 port.

Like all our servers, it supports networking with other servers via 1GbE interface.

Despite the compact size and unusual chassis, Ripley’s functionality is on the level of the rest of our servers that support in replay mode 442 configurations: automatic clips creation, wide abilities for playlists’ editing, simultaneous search on all channels, instant replay, networking, etc.

Keyboard, mouse and other external devices are connected via USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 situated on the back panel.

The unique feature of «Ripley» is the presence of 4 SDHC standard memory card slots on the side panel. The cards can be used for export and import of video materials, as well as for recording of 4 incoming video signals in H.264 or AVC-Intra 50Mbit.

Ripley has 51 RGB illuminated push buttons, Jog Shuttle and absolutely new T-Bar, providing up to 1024 values of the lever position.

Like our big servers, «Ripley» has the SuperMo option for working with 2x, 3x and 4x cameras.

The available ‘Export’ option allows using the recorded video for non-linear editing by exporting recorded material with ProRes, AVID DNxHD, XDCAM 50, DVCProHD, AVC-Intra codecs.

The basic configuration includes 2 free options: ‘Transfer’, for networking, and ‘Game Analyzer’ (telestrator).  This reflects the company's policy aimed at increased functionality without raising prices.

It is worth to dwell on one of the most important options – sport video judging. Ripley can be used as a mobile solution for 4-camera videoReferee®. The compact size and light weight of the system allows carrying of up to 2 servers in standard hand luggage. At the venue, you will only need a standard monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080, which can be easily obtained locally.

The capacity of SSD-based disk subsystem can reach 66 hours of 100Mbit HD video.

«Ripley» is powered by 110-220 V and weights 5 kg.


·       Free Transfer option – networks servers for joint operation.

·       Free Game Analyzer – provides possibility of applying simple graphics on video.

·       SuperMo – allows working with 2x, 3x, 4x cameras.

·       Export – allows exporting recorded video for non-linear editing with different codecs.

·       4-channel video judging – perfectly suitted for basketball, fencing and wrestling.

Areas of use

Ripley is a compact system in a replay console’s chassis and is perfectly suited for changing locations and outside the studio work. Two systems can be placed in one carry-on approved case.

The system is useful for small TV companies without mobile complexes with large servers.  It provides room for maneuver and possibility to move the system in hand luggage to the event venue.

Thanks to the 4-camera video judging option, «Ripley» can be used in wrestling, fencing and basketball.